Sunday, 15 February 2009

One World Action helps disabled people in El-Salvador become self-reliant

Interesting article about a hammock making co-operative in El-Salvador, and how it is changing the lives of disabled people with the help of a grant from One World Action.

Read the full article in the Independent on Sunday

"After recruiting a dozen locals, some blind, deaf, crippled or unable to speak, they decided to start a business making hammocks. The facility opened last year. Today, its brightly-woven hammocks sell in markets for $60 (£39), meaning that each worker earns about $10 a day. They learn to make hammocks but are also taught financial administration and marketing skills, which could one day allow them to start their own businesses.

The facility also doubles as a health centre, providing the community with its only doctor and dentist, and allows many co-operative members to receive their first ever proper therapy for their disabilities."


  1. Some nice pics. I would really like to buy fabric hammock sometime this year.

  2. Does anyone know if anyone has considered using hammocks as the main sleeping method for severely disabled people? It will need hoisting and securing systems.