Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hammocks promote a sense of balance

Our Kids Hammock is suitable for children up to the age of 6
£24.95 from Garden Boutique

Whether in the nursery or the garden, a kids hammock is the ideal refuge for young children - and is perfect for naps (especially if kids feel they are too old to go to bed during the day)

We all know that gentle rocking has a calming and soothing effect, but did you know that swaying also promotes the sense of balance? - a very important development for young children

Garden Boutique stocks fair trade hammocks for babies and children.

Our folding baby hammock is very popular with new mothers
and comes complete with a folding stand

£59.95 from Garden Boutique

Our baby hammocks are very popular with new mothers. One of our customers found them so useful at keeping her baby happy that she bought a folding baby hammock for each floor of her townhouse!
Our striped baby hammock has delicate fringed edges and a colorful stripy finish
£54.95 from Garden Boutique

Our striped baby hammock is another popular choice and can be used in combination with our baby hammock stand.

One World Action helps disabled people in El-Salvador become self-reliant

Interesting article about a hammock making co-operative in El-Salvador, and how it is changing the lives of disabled people with the help of a grant from One World Action.

Read the full article in the Independent on Sunday

"After recruiting a dozen locals, some blind, deaf, crippled or unable to speak, they decided to start a business making hammocks. The facility opened last year. Today, its brightly-woven hammocks sell in markets for $60 (£39), meaning that each worker earns about $10 a day. They learn to make hammocks but are also taught financial administration and marketing skills, which could one day allow them to start their own businesses.

The facility also doubles as a health centre, providing the community with its only doctor and dentist, and allows many co-operative members to receive their first ever proper therapy for their disabilities."

Hanging a hammock - the easy way

Suspending your garden hammock:

Hammocks without spreader bars are hung so that they sag way down. The hanging loops of the hammocks are fastened at approx. head height and about 3 m apart.

Fastening your hammock:

Hammocks are fastened using ropes to a tree or beam. Microropes are particularly popular for hammocks, or you can use Hammock Smartropes. Alternatively you can use hammock hooks to attach your hammock to a wall.

If the trees or walls are further apart than 3m, the hammocks can be extended by using hammock ropes or chains. The suspension point for your hammock will need to be hung using a higher point.

Neutral Coffee coloured hammocks £39.95 from Garden Boutique

Our double hammock comes in lots of bright colours but our favourite new hammock pattern is the Mocca and the Cappucino hammocks. These elegant new double hammocks follow a coffee coloured theme, with simple neutral stripes. They are the perfect compliment for the clean lines of a modern garden,

The Mocha hammock and Cappucino hammock are just £39.95 each from Garden Boutique